Saint Louis University – SLU

The University Profile

      Saint Louis University (SLU) is a Catholic institution of higher learning.  It was founded by the CICM Philippine Province as one effective means of evangelization to be fully integrated with the Church’s educational vision.    In order to realize the vision of SLU, the schools are committed to instruction, research, and community service.  Such activities are oriented towards the promotion of human dignity and happiness which leads to the development of the total person who is able to take up one’s responsibilities in the Church and in the world.  Each member of the school community is fully aware of one’s responsibility to reach out to the marginalized and to discover with them the impact of the Gospel on social reality, on justice, and on solidarity. 

Size of the organization:

      SLU is the largest university north of Manila, Philippines with more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students.  It is centrally situated in six-hectare campus in Baguio City and has more than 30 buildings.   SLU offers programs at the elementary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels.  It comprises eight schools or colleges with campuses throughout the Baguio metropolitan area.  SLU’s main campus is at A. Bonifacio Street where the seven schools and the School of Advance Studies are housed while the Maryheights Campus houses the School of Accountancy, Management, Computing and Information Studies.

Project Member

Dr. Roberto M. Arguelles

Dr. Asuncion Nazario