Hue College of Economics Hue University – HCE

The University Profile

   HCE was founded in 1969 being as a member of Hue University. It is engaged at all levels of undergraduate and graduate in Economics & Management. Besides, it conducts the scientific research and provides directly the society with approximately 7,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students. Its vision is to become a prestigious university with high-quality training, scientific research and technological transfer as well as services in economics and management; to be ranked among top 10 higher education institutions of economics and management in Vietnam; to be a research-oriented university. Consequently, in order to realise the above vision, the College of Economics, Hue University has been focusing on the key activities as follows:

   HCE delivers the highest standard of education to students with the aim of being tailored to students’ needs and enterprises’ expectations. In this sense, a more coherent curriculum and innovative teaching methods are developed and adopted. It has been applying technology and digital innovation into the learning and teaching environment.

   HCE builds the material facilities and technology according to the modernisation and standardization to ensure the high quality educational environment compared to other advanced institutions in the country and region.

   HCE promotes the engagement and collaboration with the community and enterprises. Because these relationships will ensure industry-based education approach on the the College’s part and enable better contribution to the region’s prosperity and the entire nation of Vietnam. 

HCE broaden international cooperation of training, scientific research and technological transfer to enhance capacity and quality of scientific research and training.

Project Member

Tran Van Hoa

Truong Tan Quan

Pham Xuan Hung