Fintech Philippines Association – FPA

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Fintech Philippines Association (FPH)

An independent, non-profit, industry association representing the interests and growth of the fintech community in the Philippines, FPH aims to position the Philippines as a hub for technological innovation in financial services. We are the largest financial technology trade association in the country. Established in 2017, it consists of over 120 Advisory, Institutional and Individual members. It has partnerships with the technology associations in Denmark, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. It is also a founding member of the Asia Pacific Fintech Network. Committed to furthering financial inclusion through technology, FPH helps businesses from all industries harness financial technologies.


  1. Represent the burgeoning Fintech community in the Philippines.
  2. Accelerate the growth and success of its members by attracting investment and partnerships domestically and abroad.
  3. Advocate for effective and future-focused regulation.
  4. Cultivate interest and technical skills to promote innovation.
  5. Organize an inclusive community of startups and institutions.
Project Member

Jove I. Tapiador

Mark Gorriceta

Mark Vernon