We are an Italian Fintech company born with the aim of using technology to support the evolution of traditional investment and advisory services towards “Digital Wealth Advisory”: a digital ecosystem of products, services and functionalities.

In few words: we are a Fintech Enabler.

Our claim, “See the future first”, expresses the desire to be innovators with the ability to set new market trends in the banking domain. Our mission is to accompany and support clients in the evolution of their business model towards digital solution that better respond to customer needs.

Our technology solutions together with a deep market knowledge and an effective project approach allow our clients to extend the services offered and make them scalable.

We adopt a «data driven» approach to enable both tailored and automatic advisory (Roboadvisory) business models.

See the Future first! @DeusTech

Project Members

Gaia Roselli Cecconi

Alberto Rastelli